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AVM Auto Equipments.



Founded in 1957, AVM has been active during all these years developing, producing and marketing Free-Wheeling Hubs, applicable to 4-wheel-drive and sport-utility vehicles.

Free-Wheeling Hubs (also known as Locking Hubs) are mechanical devices which disconnect the front wheels from the drive train during all the time that 4-wheel drive is not needed (average over 95% of the vehicle's life).
Substantial fuel, parts and tire savings result, since axle shafts, differential gears, universal and C.D. joints, drive shafts, etc. remain absolutely motionless. Driving comfort is also greatly enhanced in 4x2, while the vehicle's original 4-wheel-drive traction capabilities remain unchanged.

Over 80% of AVM's production is exported to countries on all continents, serving both OEM and aftermarket customers.

Working from specially built premises in Cotia, greater São Paulo, Brazil, AVM is constantly dedicated to supplying the market with global quality Free-Wheeling Hubs.




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Factory view - Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil


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Factory view - Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil


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Production line - Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil


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Factory view - Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil